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Have you ever danced in the pale moon light?

"Oh, dat is da Weirdboy. Weez call 'im Waxing Gibbous. 'cuz 'eez a few moons short of a planet. Yooz iz best off leavn' 'im well alone. Only da Wildboyz 'ang around wit 'im. Dey ain't all there either. Da 'hole lotta dem are off in da woods, on da 'shrooms, howling at da moon."

- Doc Basha on Waxing Gibbous

I really do enjoy the Weirdboy, as a concept, and because of the sheer exuberance of the models available. This one is from the AoS range and is simply my favourite of the lot. It is a wonderful sculpt, from the concept, to the pose, and to the details. An absolutely great model. I had contemplated just painting this model for the joy of it but once I had started an Ork project I knew this was going to be my Weirdboy. I'm not sure how we arrived at the name Waxing Gibbous, it was one of those conversations that bounce around a bit, but I think it is a great fit for this delightfully mad model.

Painting was easier than it might seem. The skin was simply drybrushed as before. The fabric I basecoated in a dark grey/black then drybrushed with a brown/grey and added some dusty tones towards the edges. I filled in the little details here and there, just keeping everything muted and subtle.

Then I got excited about the smoke and I put in some serious effort. The smoke was basecoated in white/pale grey, I think it was Grey Seer but I can't really remember. I then opened a pot of White Scar, Moot Green, and Corvus Black and started blocking out the areas with a large brush. I kept the paint as wet as a could and let it all blend into each other. The main thing was to keep in mind that the light was coming from below and to make things whiter towards the bottom, the greens in the middle, and grey on top. It did take a little while with a lot of back and fore, adding more green or grey until I was happy with the result. To finish it off I did some pure white lowlights at the very base of the smoke. I glazed some lighter grey on the top of smoke to round out the shapes and add some top highlights.

To get the glowing effect I simply returned to my drybrush and drybrushed Moot Green over the the parts of the model that where inline with the smoke. I used only downward strokes so only the top edges get caught by the paint. The eyes where then finished off by blobbing Moot Green into the eye sockets, and whilst it was still wet, dotted in some White Scar. 

Next up I did his hangers on, Da Wildboyz. 

This is the Savage Orruks kit from AoS. The models are perfect for Snakebites and I had this conversion in mind from the beginning. Turns out that it was a really easy conversion; barely a conversion at all really. The Savage Orruks don't have hands. All the models stop at the wrists, so you can fit whatever loadout you want. So it was simply a case of cutting the forearms off a bunch of sluggas and sticking them on. So easy, even a grot could do it. 

As Snakebites go, these guys feel like they fit the bill. Running around the woods, mostly naked, waving a looted slugga in the air, krumping anything they can find. That is some proper Orky behaviour right there.


  1. Great stuff here - love the glowing eyes on the skull as well as the smoke!

    1. Thank you! I am so happy with how it came out. Worth the extra little bit of effort.

  2. Now all we need is a group of Praetorian troopers wondering what the orks are up to. Lovely paint job!


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