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Da Ork Dat Would be Boss

"So, you wanna know about dat Boss do you, runts? Well, grab me a grog, shuddap, and listen. 

Uluruk Nurdkrumpa iz kunnin' but brutal. Da Boss 'az always kept 'iz eyez and earz open. Boss don't talk much but 'ez always watching for the right moment to krump anyone who getz in 'iz way of being da Boss. Make 'im boring at da squig roasts, not one for jokes or anyfink like dat, but 'ez keeps da boyz in line and finds some good scraps. So 'ez alright by me. 

Da Boss knows which of da boyz dat he can trust. Beh Moff is da most trustworthy of 'iz Nobz. Mostly because Beh Moff ain't got much going on in dat hed of 'iz. A long as 'ez gots grog and lotz of good fights 'ez an 'appy boy. Beh Moff iz pretty good at doing wot da boss tells 'im and dat is mostly to go smash stuff. Beh Moff don't care wot it iz, just as long as it krumps good.

Oh, and don't mess wiv 'da Boss' squig, Gobbit. Boss loves dat squig. No idea why, it's just a zoggin' squig.

Right, der iz ya story, now where is my zoggin' grog runt?"

- Dok Basha on Uluruk Nurdkrumpa

Uluruk Nurdkrumpa

Collecting Orks is always a great chance to get creative and do some fun conversions and kitbashes. I will always admit that I'm not the most ambitious or daring with my conversions but I knew that to do the Snakebites justice I had to do at least a few. The Orruk range from Age of Sigmar is a great starting point. So when Harvey handed me a box of Orks and Orruk's from a project that never saw the light day, I had my source material.

… and Gobbitt, his pet squig

The Orruk Megaboss model has a great pose and the chunky armour plates fitted nicely with my ideas of how a Snakebite would do things. Mostly by hammering rusty metal around themselves. First thing to do was to remove the giant dragon skull thing on the shoulder pad. To me that skull was simply too big to be useful. It upsets the balance of the model. So it had to go. Some (mostly) careful work with some clippers and a little clean up and I was left with a fairly intact shoulder pad.

Next job was to graft some 40k weapons on. Again, this was really easy, just used a razor saw to carefully remove the original hands and add a klaw and kombi-shoota. Both items looted from the Nobz kit. That box is full of useful items. There is still loads left and components will be showing up throughout this project. The kombi-shoota was sculpted to be held in two hands but more brute force clipping and scraping got rid of the extra fingers. 

Beh Moff and the Nobz

Where would a Warboss be without his nobz? These guys are the Orruk Brutes box gently 40k'd. In fact two of them are built just straight out of the kit with a few stikkbombs and side arms stuck on. The rest simply had sluggas and klaws grafted on. Keeping it simple is the Snakebite way.

Beh Moff

Painting these guys was alarming fast. I simply followed the same recipe from before. Only slight deviation was to go in after the brown undercoat and base coat a few armour plates with different browns and blacks, just to introduce some subtle tonal variation within the otherwise vast swathes of rusty metal.

I'm having a lot of fun with this project and I'm tearing through the painting at an alarming rate. The only thing slowing me down is being able to afford more boyz. I think I have definitely found my tribe here. 


  1. They are looking great.

  2. Actually, you are probably painting then fast because Orks multiply at a fast rate too

    1. Exactly, gotta keep up with the horde.


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