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Cobalt Scions Primaris Ancient

Ancient Aulus Acastian, Cobalt Scions 3rd Company

As soon as I saw the Ancient in the Indomitus box, I realised how much I wanted... the Ancient from Dark Imperium. The monkish vibe of the new dude is amazing for Dark Angels or Black Templars or any of those medieval aesthetic dudes, but thematically feels way off the mark for my army. Since there's no standalone Ancient kit and Dark Imperium is now OOP I hit up eBay and got my mits on this wee fella.

Some extra snippage was required to cut down his left pauldron so I could stick a moulded version on there, but other than that he's very much the original, nicely understated model. Well, for a given value of understated. The painting was very much the normal recipe as described in the article on the Captain.

Here's some extra angles, after which I'll answer the burning questions you don't have about the heraldry...

So, heraldry. For reference, below is a side-by-side comparison of the banner with the art I made of the chapter homeworld of Thonis. Yeah, I... really didn't do a very accurate job. It's a... er... pastiche of... um... medieval cartography?

I figure the two star symbols on the banner represent Thonis’ two moons, Adelfos and Adelfi. The red trim is because it’s the Third Company’s banner. The bottom center panel is the captain’s personal heraldry; the Ultima symbol is a callback to the fact that Lucullus, the 3rd Company Captain, was in the Ultramarines before he was sent to help found the Cobalt Scions. The sword symbol marks him out as the recipient of one of the master-crafted power swords given to the four Ultramarines who founded the chapter. The white skull denotes his status as a leader, the red background denotes the company he leads, and the white stripe across the red background indicates he was in the 1st company (of the Ultramarines) prior to joining the Cobalt Scions' 3rd company.

Shiny New Model Syndrome
To my utter joy, I finally got a chance to play a game of 9th edition. My friend Drew has jumped face-first into the hobby, and just recently painted enough of her Craftworlders for us to play her first game of 40K. Naturally this also meant I got to put Ancient Aulus on the table for the first time. We'll talk more about Drew's experiences of 40K from the perspective of the uninitiated in a future post, but for now, here's a picture of her Wraithguard shortly before they carved up my Intercessors with their D-scythes. Bloody xenos.

The game started off looking pretty one-sided in my favour but ended up being extremely bloody when her Farseer went full psychic ham. The game's gory resolution ended with the photo below, in which the poses combined to make it look an awful lot like Sergeant Lytanus was mansplaining where to smack the alien robot to my captain:

As you will deduce from the absence of a banner in the above photo, poor Ancient Aulus was extremely stabbed up by Drew's Farseer. At least he's now had the Shiny New Model baptism of fire. Bring on the next battle, Covid lockdown rules permitting!