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2018 - I hardly new year

Howdo all!

A new year brings you all a new contributor to the Bunker.  I'm Andrew, also Andy, and other less appropriate names on occasion.  I'm not entirely new to this malarky, having been blogging for a decade now over at Iron Legion, but as life changes I find I have so little time to maintain a blog myself and so I'm in the process of shutting it down.  You can however see a lot of my previous hobby over there, and soon there'll be a post of my own personal highlights in case you're interested.

Charlie and the Bunker crew were generous enough to give me a home here as an occasional poster, so you may or may not be seeing more of my progress.

As an opener, and in keeping with the idea of what I have done this year, here is what I have been up to - I made some pointy-eared tree huggers >:)

Obligatory core - Glade Guard and Dryads (I really like the Dryads - they are very good models and so very easy to paint, I plan to have more)

Lords and Heroes - a Spellweaver/Spellsinger (based on the Dark Elf Sorceress, a kit-bash as opposed to Charlies infintely more advanced conversion that is Amelia), and a Glade Captain who can also be a BSB.

Rare - Waywatchers (built from the High Elf Shadow Warriors - these are boss sausage!)

And in the pipeline there's a unit of Wild Riders, their magic battle stags are painted, I'm working on the riders...

... and some Wardancers (built from the Dark Elf Witch Elves) - I decided that I didn't like the thigh high boots look so have green stuffed in the gaps in all the legs so they look more like leggings now, massive overkill as I doubt anyone would even notice, but I know and ultimately thats all that matters.

I may have also done some other things, the odd miniature here and there, but I can't remember and definitely don't have pictures, so they don't count.



  1. Interesting use of the Witch Elves - would never have considered that.

    1. I'm repurposing various different miniatures as I'd like as much of the army as possible to be plastic, and a lot of the (8th edition army) line simply isn't available any more. So far the only metal mini in the army is the Glade Lord and that's just too good a mini to pass up.

      With luch, a paint scheme and a few choice part swaps/adjustments will tie it all together into a vaguely cohesive looking army.


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