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Gawd bless this ship, and all who sail in her...

Wargaming is a bit like salad. Fact. It has the capacity for infinite variety, can have a lot of ingredients, and without said variety becomes a case study in disappointment. That’s a bit like beards,* which leads us on to the topic at hand: the Beard Bunker.
The Beard Bunker is a wargaming blog that has been created in the hopes that its members, who between them have over fifty years of hobby experience, will be able to share ideas for projects, conversions, painting techniques, campaigns, background material and anything else we think may be of interest to the gaming public.
Some blogs have an author. This blog has several, which gives us plenty of opportunities to give conflicting advice, spew acrimony, cry havoc and let slip the d— look, the important thing is that there’s no one way to do things in the hobby. If Jeff recommends painting rust in six glorious stages whilst I suggest only four, I’m not saying ‘Jeff is wrong’ (although he is, along with several other terribly derogatory adjectives), I’m just saying that I’m more righterer. Turgid with superiority. Resplendent in shiny... ness. But seriously: yay pluralism.
Now, if any of you were wondering why it’s called the Beard Bunker, it’s because Maisey, Jeff and I have beards. And Mark usually has a beard, when his line of work doesn’t require him to wear a gas mask. If Emma, Jen or Lucy do have facial hair, they’ve done a pretty good job of concealing it behind a charming veneer of femininity. It is not called the Beard Bunker because any of us enjoy what some wargamers call ‘beardyness’ or ‘cheesiness’. Indeed, quite the opposite. Not that beardyness is wrong, per se (hello, pluralism), we just enjoy friendly, laid-back games with a strong sense of story.
So there you have it. Our intentions are to be helpful, informative, and more than a little silly. Watch this space: in the next few days, there will be details of a year-long project on which we are about to embark. It involves a fat Brettonian, some dudes with pointy teeth, and some ostrich feathers. Amongst other things. In the meantime, plenty of hobby content can be found over at Jeff’s other blog, Pirate Viking Painting.
*Can you imagine if all beards were the same? What a terrifying notion. And yes, whilst beards can have a variety of ingredients, we at the Beard Bunker do not endorse displaying such a variety of ingredients in one’s beard, on account of the implications regarding hygiene, or the lack thereof. Additionally, the Beard Bunker accepts that the simile may now have been stretched beyond its breaking point.