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The Grand Idea

This blog has been simmering away in our minds for a few months now. All it needed to bring it into the light was one unifying idea that would allow us all to focus our efforts. A couple of weeks ago that idea surfaced. Early in 2013 we are all going to take the same week off work, we are going to camp out at the house of beard and have a campaign week. Yes, you heard me, not a campaign weekend, a whole WEEK. Friday night to the next Sunday night filled with themed campaign joy.

As a result we are all going to produce a 2000 point themed Warhammer army to showcase our style of gaming. That means every unit and character named, backstory written to give character to the army and to inform conversions and imagery, every model fully painted and based. We will make themed scenery to complement our armies and if there is time even build baggage trains for the armies to allow for convoy raids and skirmish gaming. As if that isn't enough we are going to share every stage of the project with you all here at the Beard Bunker. We'll take you through how we choose armies, how we design colour schemes, we'll introduce the backstory, demonstrate how we develop campaigns, show the process for some of our conversions and painting and above all... Have fun. So that is 2012 sorted as far as Warhammer fantasy hobby goes!

Doubtless there will be other stuff that will randomly appear as we are mercurial beings, prone to shiny thing syndrome. [Note, shiny thing syndrome is a disorder classified as going off at a mad hobby tangent because something shiny and new has been waved at you] That is why we are giving ourselves a whole year to make these armies as distraction will inform deadlines!

We hope that you enjoy taking this journey with us and encourage comments and suggestions. Heck, join in yourselves and play along at home! The first posts covering selection of armies and choosing lists should be appearing in the next few days. Personally I feel the foetid call of Grandfather Nurgle... time to break out the penicillin I think...